Gorilla® Wall Braces

A permanent solution to your buckling walls for less!

Do you know why walls buckle? There are four main reasons why walls buckle.

  1. Settling soil around the house
  2. Poor building landscaping
  3. Heavy steps creating pressure
  4. Sloping concrete drives patios

Over 90% of buckling wall problems are caused by #1 and #2.

The answer is preventative care with Gorilla Beams. They are leading the competition and cost less than their competitors. A couple of advantages to using the Gorilla Beams are that they will push your wall back again, require less space for installation, can be installed year-round, and there is no digging up your yard - which means no mess! These braces are Engineer Certified to protect your home, increase your home value, and provide permanent security.

Here's how these beams work: the steel brace is pushed with the pushing rod, applying enough pressure to start moving the wall back. This brace will move the wall back over time with continued pressure. Once the wall is moved back to its original position, the brace can be built into a finished wall.

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